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Changing faces of mobile phones  

by Wayne Brown

Wallpaper, as my grandmother describes, is something that you can use to make your room look good and leave a lasting impression on anyone visiting. You should really choose the paper with care, so as to reflect your taste and temperament.

The concept of Wallpaper has evolved drastically since those dark ages of our grandparents. "Wallpaper" has become a very important part of the vocabulary in the past three years or so. Today everyone knows "Wallpaper" by what their computer screens show on the background when they start up and more recently when their mobile phones are switched on.

Time has moved on and so has the usage. These wallpapers or for that matter any accessory, should be selected with utmost care, since you would be looking at it or hearing it more than anyone else (no one will come visiting as in the dark ages). My idea is that it should be soothing to your senses, relaxing to your vision and most importantly, should pep you up. Again, this is just my idea, but ideally one should rather go by instinct and use according to their personal appeal i.e. what appeals to their senses the most.

The technology movement has made this software like wallpapers, ringtones, screensavers, logos etc. available to almost all mobile phones today. These tools serve, not only as incentives to buy a mobile phone but also to make the use of these gadgets interactive and interesting.

Today, irrespective of the mobile phone brand (many are available viz. Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba, Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung, Panasonic, Sagem, Sharp, Alcatel, LG, Mitsubishi etc.) that you own or buy, these software are available to all, be it as a built in feature or through download from various sites on the internet or from your mobile service provider, either free of cost or at a nominal charge. However you should take a little care (as follows), when you procure or download software for your mobile phones.

For Wallpapers, firstly check the resolution that your mobile phone supports and download only those that can be displayed.

For Ringtones, check if your mobile phone supports polyphonic ringtones, if it does you can download any tones, otherwise download only those tones which are not polyphonic.

For Screensavers, just check the resolution of your mobile phone and download any screen saver that is equal to or less than that specified.

For Logos, follow the same rules as the screensavers.

These add-ons are also very easy to use. You could change your ringtone, wallpaper, screensaver or logo in less than one minute on any mobile phone once you get the hang of it. Why, you can change them everyday like your clothes. The accessories instill newness in a mobile phone user's life when their daily chores have become habitual.

Their (the add-ons) beauty does not lie in their usage or in the simplicity of usage, but in the relevant fact that they bring freshness to one's otherwise routine life.

In today's life of scientific diversity and extreme competition, a mobile phone has become an irreplaceable part of our lives and lifestyle. And similarly, the ringtones, logos, screensavers and wallpapers have become absolutely indispensable part of our mobile phone's life.

In the world of pretty, pleasing, small, colorful, camera laden mobile phones vanity has taken a front seat in the war for better, sleeker, feature laden gadgets in the users psyche. The software is not far behind. The developers are striving harder to achieve more and more compatible, smaller and good quality wallpapers, ringtones, logos and screensavers. All this to make our mobile phone usage more fun, interactive, entertaining and easier.